If you're looking to login to your Ûphold account, simply enter your email and password on the login page and hit enter.

To become a Uphōld Lōgin user you need to create an account first here are further steps mention that will help you to create an appalled Lōgin account:

  1. To create an account first you will have to go to the official website of Uphōld Lōgin or you can also download Uphōld Lōgin mobile app that will be always available in your device

  2. Open the app or website and move to the top right corner

  3. Click on the three small horizontal lines and you will find an option to sign up

  4. On the signup page you are required to fill your email address and password

  5. In order to keep your ID safe it is your responsibility to create a strong password

  6. Select your residence and then click on submit

  7. Verify your account using an activation link sent on your email address

  8. Visit your mail box and follow the further instructions attached with that link

How can you secure your Uphōld Lōgin account?

Once your account has been created you are going to want to set up your authentication as an extra level of security. Now you have already got an account so what you going to do is

  • click on to Lōgin on the top right hand side of the portal

  • Now you will want to set up your two factor authentication as an actual level of security. The way that you can do that you had across over to your profile,

  • which is in the top right hand corner on the portal

  • Then if you go down to settings and across the security in here is where you can setup your to flats for authentication

  • so as its States here you can add an extra level of security keep the bad guys out and keep your funds safe.

  • You can also do all of these over on a mobile app as well and it will automatically configure with your authentication app and it uses the likes of Google authenticator.

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